Calling all Podcasts

I can say with certainty that podcasts have enriched my life 100%. I used to run/trot/walk with music blasting through my ear buds, but now I have a cache of podcasts, informative, entertaining, stimulating, that keep me company every morning.

I know I’ve only tapped in to the tip of the iceberg, so I’m looking to you for suggestions. These are the ones I’m currently listening and subscribing to:

  1. 10% Happier – News reporter Dan Harris had a panic attack on air which lead him on a quest to seek out other ways of thinking and being, which ultimately led him to meditation. Harris is a great listener. He interviews top names in the meditation world and beyond. An informative, important podcast, and one of my all time favs.
  2. Song Exploder – Ever wonder about the genesis of your favorite song? The process of creating a song? This podcast asks songwriters to deconstruct a song of their choice, from inspiration to instrument choice. At the end of each episode, the song is played in full and listeners have a whole new appreciation of that song.
  3. Note to Self –  A great podcast navigating all things tech in an interesting, narrative way.
  4. Modern Love – The popular New York Times column is now a podcast. Celebrities read their favorite essays. There are so many good ones including “A Faithful Leap” and “One Last Swirl”.
  5. Women of the Hour – Love her or hate her, Lena Dunham has a lot to say. Fascinating guests pepper these lively, engaging episodes.
  6. You Must Remember This – I thought I knew everything about the Manson case, until I heard this podcast. Katrina Longworth, though annoying at times, hosts this podcast about old time Hollywood. The 10-episode Manson arc deftly explores this gruesome case through the lens of Hollywood.
  7. The Mortified Podcast – Can you imagine publicly reading from your childhood diaries? Me neither. But these brave souls bare it all in this hilarious and humiliating podcast.

What are you listening to? Please drop me a note in the CONTACT section of my website, and I’ll share your suggestions in a future entry.