Hi, You!

Gurl, how you doing? Does anyone read blogs anymore? I don’t update this section of my website very often. If you miss me, or my voice, take a listen to my podcast! It’s sort of like an audio version of my blog, but dealing mostly with writing and publishing. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy the challenge, and the creativity of it all. I have been coaching some amazing writers lately – it’s truly joyful working with serious creators – there are many books, podcasts and even academic papers in the birthing process. I’m also heading back to the college where I used to teach – joining their Animation Department and teaching storytelling to animators. Looking forward to getting back in the classroom. (I think) Will I wear my mask? How does live teaching work these days? I’m so used to working over Zoom. Only time will tell… Had a great trip to Denver in April, and heading to New York in a few weeks. I hope to do more traveling in the coming months. Are you going anywhere this summer? Take me with you! Wishing you a great summer.