July: Time Flies

So? How are we doing? I hope things are going well, or at least functional, for you as we endure this ever-evolving Covid crisis. As varients mutate, life has become an endless cycle of worry and create, worry and create. The creation part is fun – a new writing podcast and a few more coming soon, rewrites on a book, a thriving writing-coaching business… but the worry is getting tiresome, and more often than not I can feel draggy, depleted and distressed. I’m jumpy around my health, and jittery around others’. Not complaining, just expressing what it’s like for this human in July, 2022. Happily, able to read again after a prolonged period of not reading (My Kindle died, along with my attention span). Not yet gulping down books at my normal speed, but hopefully soon. I am gulping down documentaries, though. Currently working my way through “The Last Movie Stars: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward,” on HBO Max, and giggling with Tig Notaro and Cheryl Hines on their podcast about documentaries, “True Story.” Grateful it’s summer, and especially appreciative of my weekly bounty of stone fruit. If you’re reading this, say hello in the contact section of this website. I miss you!