I spent New Year’s Eve Zooming and texting with friends, chowing down sushi, clicking around the channels but not landing on anything, putting on jammies by 10, hopping into bed by 10:30, reading until about 11, and falling happily asleep. I have to say, I kind of loved every minute of it.

On New Year’s Day I lost my keys and burned my hand in a 350 degree oven, so that wasn’t great.

But that aside, the blank slate of a new year always fills me with hope, much like the blank page of a Word document or journal page. I’m excited to create and produce more podcasts, continue my participation in the WGA podcast alliance, co-teach more dream and creativity workshops, and coach my fabulous writing clients. I’m also entering 2021 with a new play and a new novel, and I look forward to homing those projects. Mostly, though, I’m hoping for a resolution to this terrible and deadly virus. I am cautiously optimistic that help is on the way, and am doing my part to stay safer at home.

I want to hear what you have up your sleeve for 2021. Hit me up in the contact section of this website. Do people say “hit me up” anymore? Oh well.

Grateful for your readership, and look forward to hearing what you have to say. Until then, Happy New Year…may you experience it in peace and in health.