Global Check-in

How’s everybody doing? Are you still waking up thinking you have Covid? Do you walk outside your home and glare at people who aren’t wearing masks? Have you organized and reorganized your home ad infinitum? Have you fostered a dog or two? Wondered when you’ll next get on a plane? Written in your journal daily? Eaten your weight in carbs? Tried Keto to erase the food mess? Gone to various dr. appts in mask and gloves? Held your breath at the market? Worried about your family? Your friends? Have you wondered if this is possibly all a bad dream? Or some strange sci-fi wormhole that placed you directly in front of your fears and watched how you reacted? Are you showering? Brushing teeth? Staying hydrated? Do you trust that this will all resolve? Will you get the first round of the vaccine, or will you wait until the kinks are worked out? Do you trust medicine? People? Fate? If you are American, what do you think about your country? If you are a dual citizen are you thinking about embracing your other citizenship? Will you vote? What is your temperature? How do you feel?