Life Under Quarantine

Life is moving and grooving when suddenly: PLOT TWIST! The Virus-From-Hell is upending lives across the globe. I can only speak for myself when I say my brain is still trying to process this sudden shift in life, this collective halt. As someone who works from home, and as someone who is very comfortable being alone, and alone with my thoughts, I don’t find quarantine that upsetting. The bigger upset, obviously, is the lives lost, the nightly death count, the shocking lack of medical supplies, the absence of leadership. The anxiety, panic, depression and fatigue is palpable. Meditation helps. Reading fiction helps. Daily walks to collect “Fallen Flowers” (see my Instagram: melissaclark30) definitely helps.

Based on descriptions of the virus, I believe I had it earlier this year – the fever, the cough, the listlessness – it lingered for almost a month. I’m telling myself I had it so every tickle in my throat, every sneeze and every cough (it’s also allergy season) doesn’t ignite new waves of fear. Here in Los Angeles, we have another month of Stay At Home orders, and who know what will happen after that. One upside: The air has never been clearer. It’s spectacular to witness.

Amidst the heartache and heartbreak, some new podcast news is percolating, and I hope to be able to share it in the coming days or weeks. A passion project that I’ve been working on for DECADES finally found a home – a really great home. This project was a lesson in perseverance and I can’t wait to share not only the project, but the story behind it.

Please stay at home, stay safe, don’t be a spreader, wear your masks outside and rest in the global pause if you have the ability.