The wildflowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the allergies are raging… you KNOW it’s Spring!

I had an amazing “dream-work” session over the weekend. A friend who has done this kind of work for years came to my home to guide me in interpreting a recent dream. She did this by establishing a relaxed atmosphere, giving me deep-breathing exercises, having me act out the dream and all it’s characters, having me speak to the characters, and having them speak to me. Have your eyes rolled out of your heads yet? When I tell you it was the most profound, illuminating experience, you’ll just have to believe me. OR if you live in L.A. we are going to create a workshop around this process, not just for dreams, but for creative works. My friend is an expert in this field, and I’m excited to collaborate with her to bring it to life.

Meanwhile, I’m also creating on online writing program that I hope to launch by the summer. I am organizing my various writing workshops into concise, comprehensive videos that will be available for downloading. I just finished “Flash Fiction” and am working on one called “Beginnings”. I will most likely launch with 3 or 4 episodes, and then keep creating. So watch this space for more info!