Start it! Finish it! And Everything In Between!

I’ve worked as a writing coach for a few years now. Coaching embodies everything I love: Teaching, Psychology, Writing. It also includes puzzles. Let me explain: I see your idea as a puzzle to be solved, even if you don’t… yet. I trust ideas, especially good ones, and I firmly believe that if you have an idea, you can see it through. You had it for a reason. It could be that your soul wants to expand through that idea, or that you know your idea will help other people. When you work with me as a coach, I meet you at your idea, and then we work together to bring it to fruition. I work with fiction writers, memoirists, children’s authors and podcasters – there are so many projects about to be born! So many solved puzzles on the horizen! Don’t let summer distract you! Get in touch if you have an idea, and let’s hop on a free, 20-minute coaching call to see if working together is the right fit for you.

PS – In the meantime, join our online workshop on FLOW, and how to achieve it, later in July. More info. here!